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Sound of Silence

145 pieces of  tapping tile installation on the roof of granaries



Visually, the biggest difference between the ancient city and many contemporary Chinese cities is the vast expanse of fields and roofs. Longli is different from other transformed ancient cities in China, there is no row of stalls, instead houses are surrounded by green fields. The moment walking into the ancient town,  families under roof tiles are there; no matter how the houses are reconstructed, covered with moss, corners of the old tiles are broken, people living there will repair the houses, or to retain, because each tile has hundreds of years of history, it is the cornerstone of their generations, a shield against the wind and the rain, the spirit of trust.
History is the traces of the ancient town. Let the tiles speak with a weak, intermittent voice of dumbness… I believe it is the most crystallised essence of Longli city.


I designed a small electronic instrument to hit the tiles. The tapping time of each instrument set varies so that the roof tiles are hit every 5, 7 or 10 seconds. 145 of instrument sets were installed along the main street and the town’s tow public granary respectively. The ancient town is surrounded by the gently ringing sounds…


Longli International New Media Art Season 2017

Granary and streets in Longli Ancient Village, Guizhou, China

Project funded by China Association of Stage Design

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