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Old Ladies House


This is a site-specific postal work. The image of the oldest and latest lady (traditional maid) of the site was printed and divided into 16 pieces as traveled post card, replacing them onto a steel frame which was suspend on the wall aside the entrance of the site in Macau. The post cards were made as an artwork and also as an replica omega watches sale exhibition invitation card. The back of each card reveals the young look image of the old lady, which was taken at the same entrance few decades ago. Each audient received merely one of the sixteen cards (original art work) by mail before opening. Post cards are free for taking. After this exhibition, the work is still suspending and functioning at there in another context--the site became an historical building after the government moved all the remained old ladies to their new residence. The Old Ladies’ House now functions as a memorial site for tourist, and an alternative art space as well. The historical coordination of Old Ladies House is the basis for an examination of the dialectics in sightseeing culture and viewing-for-please culture.

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