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Hong Kong Art Museum


Site Specific Installation5 ft x 4 ft steel frame. 
30 pieces of 9’ x 5 ‘ color post card

On the front of the postcard, is a photo of a cupboard in the Object laboratory of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The bottles in the cupboard where contains different chemicals for preserving different objects to last eternally. On the backside of the postcard, is a B/W small image of the ticket office of Hong Kong Museum of Art and the related data of the present biennials. The part of the frame printed on the postcard implies a certain instant, a certain angle.These cards are supposed to be taken away by the visitors freely.The 30 different postcards within the set that could also be send independently as invitation card. Audience might thus come to the exhibition because they have received one of these cards. They also welcome to sent one card amongst the set out from the venue.

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