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Room with View

Site-Specific Installation 2006/11
Site: A room of 300 square feet with 2 windows in Ecole Cantonale d’art du Valais
4 pieces of wall paper (various season), TV set, photos, clock, landscape oil painting and 5 empty chocolate boxes with oil painting images on covers.

My first impression of Switzerland starts from Western landscape wall paper at my sister’s apartment in Hong Kong about 25 years ago. The Switzerland landscapes’ images on Switzerland chocolate boxes afterward From time to time, my memory extends to the same Switzerland landscape wall papers in stores, apartments and photography shops of Shenzhen after 25 years later. This is a work regarding the transferability of Switzerland landscape images in China under her local modernizing city life of Western landscape adoption that provides an alterative “view” in China living space.PS: Shenzhen is the second Special Administration District in China after 1997, where is the first financial district module of Hong Kong.

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