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Expected Departure


50 X-Ray light boxes



Each light box 40 cm x 25 cm x 6cm

Space:  semi-dark, dark, a wall 7-10 m width


Light boxes of x-ray images of 100 different travel sickness bags. All these bags are my own travel collection for years. Motion sickness is an unexpected departure for physical distance caused, but the invisible uncomforted feeling caused by perception of a spiritual space. This is about the experiences of being wandered, the invisibility of sickness, and a kind of uncertain situation like dreaming, real and unreal at the same time.


It is an installation of 100 light boxes, with 100 individual sickness bags shone through by x-ray, the visible of the invisible is presented to explore the unusual physical and mental state of an uncertain cultural identity through a long journey.



The White Rabbit Permanent Collection2017

Hong Kong Art Basel, Hong Kong 2015

Suzhu Art Museum, China 2015

IF Museum, Pozan,, Poland / Zendai MOCA, Shanghai, China

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