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Mini Flat G, rm 7 - An interactive Project
'Mini House', which is full of Hong Kong local characteristics, is a cooperation project with renowned Hong Kong furniture company Giormani. Apart from the 3 handmade classical Giormani sofa miniatures, other pieces of replica watches furniture in the Mini House are all ordinary and characterized. The composition of furniture inside the Mini House is cheap replica watches full of local people's wisdom of placing furniture in a small space. Very different from regular doll houses, it represents the typical narrow and small living space in Hong Kong, whereas re-observing Hong Kong people's perception of home.
Audience can arrange pieces of furniture freely inside the unit of Mini House according to their imagination. The audience's activities in the Mini Unit recorded by a hidden camera will be shown live on a projection screen in Giormani shop (where the exhibition takes place). The enlarged images will remind audience of the real furniture pieces in the shop. The audience can feel and experience the real and the imagined space while wandering from the enlarged space to the reduced space. Participating audience can take photos with their own created 'Mini Block G Unit 7', and the photos will be put on the wall of Giormani shop.

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