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Out of Place 鄉關何處

2005-2016 Video Installation

It is a long-term video installation project. I address daily life experience to explore city, memories and identity issues through artistic expressions. This is an ongoing project that has been charting my artistic questioning of the notion of “elsewhere” since 2005. I have been travelling to various cities in Asia, and tailing one city drifter after another. Each of them appears to be on the cusp of being banished to the forgotten nooks of the city, meandering aimlessly like passers-by, unfazed by the city’s bustle and oblivious to the people and events unfolding around them. I do not intervene nor interfere with how these drifters go about their business; I only document their conditions of existence as they happen. The images I present are of a series of solitary figures, drifters who undergo similar experiences in different cities. It is as if the same scenarios are repeatedly being played out in diverse spaces. By projecting various images as a whole, I realize the work somehow is more than a unique image visual tone but rather questioning the life itself.


Guang Dong Museum of Art Collection, China

This work had been exhibited at OX Warehouse, Macau 2012 / Suzhou Art Museum, China 2016 / Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China 2016 / Guangdong Museum of Art, 2015 / Hong Kong Museum of Art, 2014 / Husashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan 2013 / The Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong  2012 / LJMU Copperas Hill Building, Liverpool, England 2012 / Varna, Bulgaria 2010 / CASA Asia, Barcelona, Spain / Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea / Subvision Kunst Festival Off, Hamburg, Germany / East Side Projects, Birmingham, England / Para / Site Art Space, Map Office, Hong Kong / IFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany / Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan / Kunsthalle Wien, Ursula Bickle Videolounge, Viena. 2009 / Manchester Urbis Center, England 2007 / Wanchai, Hong Kong (Triangle Arts Trust) 2005

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