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I Miss Fanta


Variable Site-specific Public Installation 
2 light boxes / TV / 1 DVD player / recycle readymade objects / wall paper

Three iconic outdoor neon signs - of Coca-Cola®, Sprite® and Fanta® - along Macau's main shopping artery Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro have been a fixture in many photographs of Macau and an integral part of the city's urban landscape for the past 50 years. It is the landmark of Macau and part of the collective memory of Macau. Leung's recent discovery of the swiss replica watches disappearance of the Coca-Cola® and Sprite® signage – only Fanta is hanging among group of Hong Kong brand signages. Leung looked for the history of those signages and transplanting them in the grounds of a park in replica Yau Ma Tei (similar to how they were found on an outdoor platform in Macau's Coca-Co- la® bottling factory), and displaying the process of its move in a nearby recycling-and-junk shop, light up their neon again. At the meantime one video documentation of the creative process and one light box shows images of the Coca Cola and Sprite signage testimony the first demonstration of Macau in May 21, 1967., namely the its oldest images. Another shows the recent Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro with Fanta signage.Meanwhile, Leung transforms the function of these visual symbols of personal and collective memory into a sculptural installation, while bringing the tension between heritage conservation and urban revitalization (or gentrification) to the surface.As the old Coca-Cola and Sprite neon signs have been placed in the park, while the two Discount Christian Louboutin Shoeslight boxes and the documentation of the creative process are displayed along with the old things in the recycling, so the way of display has been changing constantly according to the recycling shop owner Mr Wong’s daily habit of putting the old things in the shop. The old TV set used to play the documentation was taken randomly from the recycling shop, therefore the TV visual effects in failure is an integrated result of the spite-specific material and culture.At the exhibition scene audience is mixed of people from the neighborhood and intentional visitors. They view the work and the old things in the recycling shop, and the old Coca-Cola and Sprite neon sign are re-lit in the park from a few steps of the shop, the contrast of 50-years time is near yet so far.During the exhibition period, the Coca-cola company in Macau decided to keep the signs, while the Macau Art Museum would also like to collection them. I believe art creation is inspired from daily life; if art making is incorporated into life, it would be the best if these two are not separated. Therefore, the process and experience of this creation is constant and of which is an issue based project.

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