Coin Making Workshop


Site -specific Installation ActivityMaterial: Hong Kong coins, local artistic clayLocation: West Kowloon Cultural DistrictParticipants: Hong Kong residents and tourists


Exchanged Hong Kong coins from local banks, the one has the authority of producing money. And I bring them to West Kowloon open space, gave them to the locals. They all each can take one coin in one condition: They will have to use some local clay and use their own hands to form the shapes of those coins in detail, from coins transferring to clay craft, and give them back to me. This is an exchange process of the encounter and restore between objects / value.  The entire process and the clay objects will be displayed at the same time.  Those clay craft will replace to the   land in West Kowloon Cultural District land. These workshop and clay objects were proceeding and displayed in front of the harbor scene towards the bank headquarters in  Hong Kong.

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