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Ink Jet three layers glass 3M x 11.2 M


This ink jet glass artwork depicts the principle theory of color printing. The cyan, magenta, yellow and black respective image of ancient printing machine, and radicals in characters associate book form, ink jet layers on glass deconstructed the beauty of CMYK color printing principle. Landing is based on the geographical cultural background---the largest printing production district in Shenzhen.


This site specific artwork. is permanently on display at the subway station, where thousands of people in and out of the station can see the work. This work explains the history and culture of Shenzhen’s geographic context.  It deconstructs the technology and principle of printing, acts as an example and offers educational resources for design and printing.




Baualing Station, Shenzhen MTR, 1 Aug 2016

Commission of Shenzhen MTR, China

Permanent Public Art Work

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